Upcoming & Recent Speaking Engagements




  • 2/21 - The Agile Brand (AAF Baltimore, MD, at the Planit office) Keynote Speaker and Panel with participants from Alex + Tom, idfive, Planit, Baltimore Sun Media Group

  • 2/26 - The Agile Brand, VCU Brandcenter (Richmond, VA)

  • 2/27 - The Agile Brand: The Evolution of the Consumer-Brand Relationship (WeWork China Town, Washington DC) Presentation and Discussion with panelists from Kimpton Hotels, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


  • 3/12 - The Agile Brand, Robert H. Smith College of Business, University of Maryland (College Park, MD)

  • 3/21 - The Agile Brand (AMA and AAF Pittsburgh at The Rivers Club, Pittsburgh, PA) Presentation about Agile Branding

  • 3/24 - Portfolio Bootcamp (AAF Frederick, MD)
    Keynote Speaker


  • 4/25 - TBA (Charleston, SC)


  • 5/9 - Futurefy Marketing, Virginia Tech Arlington Virginia Campus (Arlington, VA)
    Session Speaker

  • 5/15 - The Agile Brand (AAF Midlands, Columbia, SC)
    Keynote Speaker

  • 5/16 - Dealing with an Omnichannel World (AMA Charlotte, Charlotte, NC)
    Keynote Speaker


  • 6/5 - TBA (Miami, FL)


  • 7/16 - Marketing Artificial Intelligence MAICON 2019 (Cleveland, OH)

  • 7/26 - The Agile Consumer Book Launch Event (Arlington, VA)
    Keynote Speaker

Greg has spoken at several of our summits and conferences over the years. He is a highly experienced and engaging speaker. Greg is a pro, I highly recommend him.
— Paul Duning, Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit

Tackling big questions with insights and challenges is what makes hearing him speak a must for anyone looking to stay ahead of the competition.
— Susan Soroko, Arlington Economic Development




  • 11/26 - The Agile Brand (San Francisco, CA)

  • 11/15 - IC Summit DC (Washington, DC) Panel on Customer Experience

  • 11/5 - The Agile Brand (Rochester AAF, Rochester, NY) Rochester Advertising Week
    Keynote Address and Panel with participants from:

    • Xerox, Constellation Brands, Partners + Napier


  • 10/29 - The Agile Brand (Duke University - Durham, NC) Presentation about Agile Branding

  • 10/26 - The Agile Brand (AAF Hampton Roads, Norfolk, VA) Presentation and Panel about Agile Branding

  • 10/25 - The Agile Brand (AAF Charlotte, Unknown Brewing Company, Charlotte, NC) Presentation about Agile Branding

  • 10/24 - The Agile Brand (Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business, Blacksburg, VA) Presentation about Agile Branding

  • 10/23 - Digital Transformation (The Wharf, Washington, DC) Presentation about Organizational Change and Digital Transformation

  • 10/19 - American Advertising Federation District 2 Leadership Conference (Allentown, PA) Presentation about The Agile Brand

  • 10/18 - ADWKDC (Washington, DC) Presentation and Panel about Agile Branding

  • 10/18 - SFS Expo (Lanham, MD) Keynote presenter

  • 10/5 - Motionsoft Technology Summit (Washington, DC) Panelist


  • 9/26 - AMAdBuzz American Advertising Federation DC (Washington, DC)

  • 9/14 - The Agile Brand American Advertising Federation GLV (Bethlehem, PA)



  • 7/19 - Social Media ROI, PR Summit DC (Washington DC) Panelist


  • 6/6 - ADMERICA 2018 (Chicago, IL) Speaker/Presenter of "Technology: What's in it for me?"

  • 6/26 - Return on Creativity (Arlington, VA) Panel Participant on event sponsored by Arlington Economic Development, Virginia Tech, and Yes&


  • 5/15 - Around the Industry in 80 Minutes (Washington DC), AAF DC, Speaker


  • 4/4 - Social Media's Transformation of Marketing (University of Maryland College Park), Speaker


  • 2/17 - Social Media's Transformation of Marketing (University of Maryland Shady Grove), Speaker


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