About The Agile World

We are living in an agile world. What started with technologists and marketers has spread across entire organizations, and didn’t stop there. Consumers are thinking agile as well. They are more willing to be part of product development and the process of building brands than ever before, due to a number of social, technological, and economic factors. Also, as employees, they are also more interested in sharing values with the companies they work for, and are looking for new types of management and work environments. All of this adds up to the makings of an Agile World led by newly-empowered consumers in an evolving economy.

The Agile World podcast will help listeners make sense of a fast-changing brand and consumer landscape. Exploring the origins of the brand-consumer relationship and how modern organizations must adapt to survive, the podcast features thoughts and ideas from Greg Kihlström’s popular Agile series of books, his articles featured on publications such as Forbes, and his international speaking appearances.

The Agile World is a new podcast which accompanies Greg Kihlström’s Agile series of books. The Agile Consumer is the third book in Kihlström’s Agile series, which started with 2016’s The Agile Web, exploring how the agile methodology applied properly website design, can create dramatic improvements in their efforts. 2018’s The Agile Brand explored how brands that embrace consumer feedback and create a “living” brand that evolves over time while staying true to its values.

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