We are proud to partner with TEKsystems to share Part 3 of a 4-part series about the future of technology, in association with the launch of their flagship publication Version Next, Now.

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Version Next, Now Part 3

From Monolith to Microservice

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Competitive advantage is the name of the game. In a marketplace where disruption is constant, enterprises are eager to use technology that transforms, modernizes and differentiates their brand.

Applications are the gateway to delivering continuous improvement of products and services to customers. Through microservice architectures, organizations can delight customers by delivering solutions better and faster. But many organizations face challenges overcoming their current legacy, monolith environments. In this episode of The Agile World, we discuss the power of microservices for developing new applications and distilling legacy apps and systems.

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Ricardo Madan  Vice President of Technology Products & Services

Ricardo Madan

Vice President of Technology Products & Services