A few thoughts from places I’ve spoken

Tackling big questions with insights and challenges is what makes hearing him speak a must for anyone looking to stay ahead of the competition.
— Susan Soroko, Arlington Economic Development

From my talk in Charlotte, NC in October 2018

Greg’s conversation with our organization’s attendees was excellent. His rollout of how the smartest brands keep their value propositions solid but their tactics AGILE to move and seize opportunity/avoid missteps reminded us that AGILITY is as much about brand courage than the ability to change your mind.
— Mark Bradley, American Advertising Federation, Norfolk VA
Greg has spoken at several of our summits and conferences over the years. He is a highly experienced and engaging speaker. Greg is a pro, I highly recommend him.
— Paul Duning, Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit

We are so grateful to Greg for sharing his expertise and perspective on brand agility. He brought valuable examples into focus in an understandable, digestible way, and our audience appreciated the relevance and applicability of his material.
— Julia Urich, President, AAF Greater Lehigh Valley

It was wonderful to have Greg speak at our recently AAF DC AMAdbuzz. Greg did a fantastic job of weaving time tested branding strategies with current events and gave all attendees something new to consider as they returned to their companies with new ideas and enthusiasm.
— Brian Wohlert, Programs Chair, AAF DC (American Advertising Federation)

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Greg speaks internationally about CX, Digital Strategy + Marketing, New Technology