The Agile Web Printed Book

The Agile Web Printed Book


5.5" x 8.5" book with perfect bound soft cover.

Also available as an ebook on Amazon.


By tracing the history of software development back to its beginning, this book forces a re-examination of the website design, development and optimization approach that many organizations take for granted.

Building upon agile software development and agile marketing practices that are still evolving, author and agency founder Greg Kihlström walks the reader through new ways to look at the way we treat websites, and plan for their redesign and optimization. The life of a website becomes a marathon with incremental improvements over time, instead of a sprint that ends when a new website is created to replace the previous one.

Kihlström builds on his experience designing and marketing interactive experiences for top brands, and running an agency since the early 2000s and provides a unique vision for how marketers can create websites that continue to grow in sophistication and effectiveness over time without the need for a continual process of redesigns.

This book is aimed at the marketer who wants to create the most effective website possible, and is willing to take a fresh look at how they approach their organization’s online presence.

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