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Forbes: How to Start Measuring Your Customer Experience

Measuring the customer experience is definitely not as simple as measuring the results of a single tactic such as a website, email marketing campaign or in-store sales. The big challenge with measuring customer experience is that it needs to take into account all of your touch points. The opportunity is worth it, though, as it can show you how small improvements in specific points in the journey can make a huge difference.

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2019 is the Year of Experience

It’s once again the end of one year and the beginning of another. And with it, a chance to reflect on the previous 12 months as well as an opportunity to look forward into the next.  Inevitably, this leads to recaps, predictions, and many other ways to make sense of time passing.

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Forbes: 5 Steps To Building A CX Measurement Platform

Customer experience doesn’t just affect a single marketing channel or department within a company. Thus, unlike many other types of measurement and analytics efforts, building a customer experience measurement plan takes the efforts of many different parts of an organization. I should know; my agency works with clients to create custom customer experience measurement strategies and plans. This process can be divided into five steps.

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ScaleFast Blog: Driving eCommerce Revenue, Part 1: Focus on UX

I am quoted in this article by ScaleFast regarding my expertise in personalization:

No matter which approach you go with, digital strategist Greg Kihlstrom recommends maintaining realistic expectations, testing your efforts and optimizing along the way. “While you may want every touchpoint in your customer experience to have some method of personalization, the only way to truly understand the effectiveness of what you are doing is to make sure there is a good test for each,” Kihlstrom says.

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Forbes: Descriptive Versus Prescriptive Analytics And The Customer Journey

Measurement insights are a key part of optimizing your customer experience. At every step in the journey, it is critical that you understand what consumers are doing and how your channels and touch points are performing. It's also important that you not only have the ability to see what has happened in the past, but you also have actionable insights to help you make the best decisions moving forward.

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