The Marketing Journal: The Agile Brand

“Agile marketing is the deliberate, long-term application of a specific Agile methodology to manage and improve the way a marketing team gets work done.”
—Andrea Fryrear, The Agile Marketer

The agile approach can be applied to many things other than software development, including marketing, branding, and even strategy. In this article we examine the agile brand – what it means and how it functions, along with the transformative effect agile marketing has on the practice of finding and keeping customers.

Agile marketing

Agile marketing has come into prominence because of a number of recent advancements. We have seen a shift in preference to being more agile, and greater ability for marketers to become more agile because of:

  • Big data’s omnipresence in the marketing world, and our ability to get everything from real-time data to number-crunching for complex analysis more easily and cheaply.

  • Dramatic decreases in data storage costs.

  • Artificial intelligence which allows programmatic ad buying and other techniques that allow us to achieve decisions and results much quicker.

  • Social media and other real-time or near-real-time communication tools that facilitate much quicker awareness and engagement (as well as the analysis of those occurrences).

While many factors have contributed, the points above certainly are part of what has paved the way. As more and more options become available for marketers to broadcast their messages, engage with consumers, and reach their key audiences, it becomes necessary to review, assess and optimize their efforts on an increasingly short timeline. This is where an agile approach shines.

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Greg Kihlstrom